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The Money & Mindset course includes 6 modules, 8 videos, a workbook, a quiz and visualization audio. This course can be completed in a few days if done straight through, or you could spend about 45 minutes once a week for 6 weeks.

Understanding your Money Archetype will give you insight into how and why you make choices that involve money and value.

This course will guide you through goal setting methods that save you time and stress. Upon completion of this course, you will Manage your time so that you can accomplish your goals. 

In this course, you will learn several ways to educate+entertain (Edu-Tain) your audience. By teaching them small steps that solve their problems you guide your customers to buy your products and services. 

Learn how to get into the minds of your clients so you can serve them better and sell to them with ease. Your mission should be to make working with you easy and beneficial to your buyers.

We are going deep in this training. Discover and become your ideal self. Introspective exercises and questions you can use whenever you are feeling lost or need some motivation and confirmation about the track you are on.

Learn to use a simple template to create your Business Brand Board so you can market to and attract clients easily. Spend your marketing efforts on an audience that loves you and is drawn to your brand. You will spend less time trying to convince people to buy your products and more time doing what you are driven to do.

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The You-Driven Brand Course has 6 modules with videos and worksheets that take about an hour each. When you complete this course, you will have a complete brand portfolio that you will use to build your website, social media pages, print materials, emails and communications, and presentations.

Whether you’re a DIYer or you hire designers for your business, having your complete Brand Portfolio will save you hours and hours of time which means saving you lots of money and stress.

This course helps you clearly define your business purpose, mission, and style. Your brand is what people think and feel about your company (and you).




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